Thursday, May 24, 2007

Boys and Science

I've never had a normal, typical boy. I had always wondered what it was like. Jonathan never rose a bike, didn't learn to tie his shoes until he was a teenager, etc. Adam is normal....on steroids. Adam has his own special needs. His speech delays impacted him, but I think sometimes in a good way. Not being able to talk as much early on made him an astute listener. He gathered details. And he uses them on you.

He has shown an early love for Math and Science. He's a jigsaw puzzle maniac. He can do mazes like nobody's business. He seems driven by left brain stuff. He just seems driven. I didn't know how to foster this at first, because like I said: I've never had a normal, typical boy.

Earlier this year, I enrolled him a kids' Science class. It was too slow for him. It was more playing than Science. Adam craved Science....the real deal.

Today I did two things to further his love of Science and Math:
* I enrolled him in online courses (Math 1 and Science 1) through
*and I bought him his very own microscope.

Adam's future is wide open. This summer, he'll be completing 1st Grade Math and Science. (He was one measley question off from 2nd grade level...) We'll be going on field trips relevant to his education. I am so excited for him. His mind is a sponge. I have not pushed him at all. He wants to learn more. He gravitates towards analytical problems. He's a fixer, much like his Dad, much like my Dad. Adam comes from a long line of Left Brain dudes.

Who knows...? He might be someone to cure some form of cancer....His whole life is in front of him. And I will help him as much as I can. At least, until *I* don't understand his Math problems anymore....then he's on his own.


rennratt said...

Nooze loves the Math and Science stuff. I am not "math and science people".

Chachi handles that.

They are currently working through a Scienceology Flight Project Kit, which we purchased at KB Toys around Christmas. It seems that the Scienceology brand is now listed under the brand name "Inventions". Each kit covers different aspects of science, and has 5-10 lessons per kit.

For math, you can pick up cds of addition and subtraction at The Dollar Tree. The program is in .pdf, so all pages must be printed out. Or - you could pick up a game of Math Bingo. At the same store.

or for information and ideas.

Good luck!

cws said...

Look at that smile!! He is so stoked. Way to go Mom.