Tuesday, May 29, 2007

getting right and setting it straight

Lately, I have been purging, freecycling and get rid of the clutter, both literally and figurativly speaking, in my life. It's a slow and arduous process but I feel lighter. I really do.

I have cut down on the time I spend online. Which allows me to do other stuff, that needs to be done, that demands to be done. Stuff that calls me, and beckons me away from this desk. Stuff that is vital and essential...
I have deleted from my BlogLines a virtual ton of blogs that tantalize my senses (and waste my time). I have reduced the number of scrapping and stamping blogs that I covet. Yes, I covet them. I envy these women I don't even know the time that they have to spend crafting. It's really foolish....
So I have spent some time reading blogs that broaden my horizons, places that will enrich my life. Teach me a lesson. Inform me. Help me grow.

One place I like to read is here : http://www.trevorromain.com/blog/
I love Trevor's art and his stories are life-changing. You simply must stop there and see what he's all about. He is very talented. It's his artwork that I cut & pasted here...

And maybe that's what I need to do: release my inner monkey.


I'll share more blogs of import in the coming weeks. If you have a site to recommend, please share it in your comments.

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