Tuesday, May 15, 2007

good mail day

Micaela was SO terribly excited about her new Barbie. She literally SQUEALED. Linda is such a great friend.

THANK YOU LINDA....Micaela is thinking about changing her name to "Barbie Elise Balvanz" now......


Linda also made ME a beautiful card and some boxes for organizing. You're the best, Linda.


Linda said...

Oh, great...show how CHEAP I am, lol! No, wait...you've gone and showed how much of a GREAT bargain hunter I am...yeah, yeah...THAT'S it!

I was gonna call to see if you got the box yet...what, no mention of the underwear???? LOL!!!!

SB said...

well, I didn't mention the UNDIES because I don't think the blogging world would understand why you were mailing me underwear. (FYI: they are undies too big for one of her family members, totally new, so my son got 'em...)

Oh the scandal!!