Thursday, May 17, 2007

he's 5 now.....

He was born on a Friday.
He was my quietest baby.
He looks EXACTLY like his father.
But sometimes he acts like me.
The sound of his laughter is one of the bright spots in my life.
He is a whiz at jigsaw puzzles but cannot make his bed.
He hates pillow cases. He lives for thick socks. He hates shampoo.
He loves me to a bazillion and 83. I love him more than the moon.
He's very bright. And most days, he's a nice boy.
Happy birthday, Adam.


Dawn Mercedes said...

Happy birthday!!

Linda said...

Happy Birthday Adam!

Suz - I love that bottom picture...such a sweetness about him...with just a hint of mischieviousness thrown it for good measure.

rennratt said...

Happy birthday, sweet boy!