Monday, May 14, 2007

I {heart} Netflix

It's no big secret. I LOVE NETFLIX. I love the convenience of clicking from 75,000 different movies. I love not having to go to the local video store. I love LOVE TOTALLY love NO LATE FEES, because as charming as I am, I am none too punctual with my movies....

Since my husband is TDY, I have loaded up the Netflix queque with chick flicks. I try not to subject him to chick movies too often. He still hasn't forgiven me for making him watch "Memoirs of a Geisha".

So if you are like the LAST person on Earth who does not use Netflix, tell me and I'll give you the SECRET CODE. Usually their trial last 2 weeks, but I have the CODE for the ONE MONTH TRIAL. For free. Nada. Zip. Zilch.

Here are some movies from my Q,:

1. The Painted Veil- should be here tomorrow. BIG chick flick.
2 Catch and Release- really wanted to like it, but it earned a C- and that's being nice!
3 Deja Vu- I'll watch anything with Denzel in it. Got this because ALL of my neighbors are on Netflix, much to the dismay of my postal dude, and one recommended it.

Up next in the Q:
The Office: season 1 (Curious to see if it's as funny as people say...we'll see...)
Little Children (I'll watch Kate Winslet in anything....)
Dreamgirls (I probably won't make it through the whole movie..)
Because I said so (another chick flick)
My Life without me (a sad chick flick, which is a whole 'nother genre)

Do you guys have movie recommendations for me?? If so, COMMENT and leave a movie recommendation. Or tell me your FAVORITE movie(s). My 2 faves are "Sense and Sensibility" and "Gone with the Wind"....British chick flick and the ULTIMATE chick flick.


Linda said...

I like Untamed Hearts, Cutting Edge, and Mystic Pizza - older movies, great chick flix...and of course, Return To Me and Love, Actually. I could watch those over and over....

Scott B. said...

You can add me as a friend on NetFlix and see all of my recommendations. s ab urk at te xas childrenshos pital dot org