Tuesday, May 01, 2007

the ICE CREAM truck is comin'!!!!!

I am El Cheapo Mom.
I'll admit it.
I don't let my kids buy ice cream from the truck that sometimes cruises through the neighborhood.
Am I mean? I don't think so. It's ICE CREAM, people. Over-priced frozen bits of sugar that will hype them up for HOURS.....

That being said, yesterday the experienced their FIRST EVER ice cream from the truck.
They were wildly hyper for hours.

But they were verrrrrry happy.


Linda said...

I'd rather buy from the ice cream truck than the "candy truck" they had in Germany. This guy went around with German Gummi candy. What a RIP OFF...and talk about unsanitary...they were BULK containers, and open doors as he rode all around the housing projects on post....eeeek! We did NOT buy from him....Now, Chicken George...THAT was a different story!

SB said...

do I dare ask what is Chicken George?

doverdi said...

I never had to worry about the ice cream truck. In the small town where I lived, we never had them.

rennratt said...

We sometimes buy from the ice cream truck here. But only when it's 99 degrees out - and out of ice cream.

Linda, good call on the gummi bear truck.

That's just nasty.