Tuesday, May 29, 2007

is it really Tueday?

It always screws me up when we have Monday holidays? Today feels like Monday. I started a photoblog.....as if my own personal blog isn't enough??
Well, this is JUST pictures. I have to COMMIT myself to taking a picture each day. I have to dive into my art. That sounds so stupid, just saying it. But it's true. I want to immerse myself in what I can do with my camera. I love photography. I love just about everything about it..(except reading the manual). I value what I do. So I am going to share more of it. You can go peek there if you want....


I will TRY to update it daily. We'll see how long I can be faithful. Oooh, maybe I should have a piece of chocolate after updating it every day! THAT would be an incentive!

Greg is coming home tomorrow. We are all so glad. It's just not home without him. Plus the kids know they're gonna rack up on trip goodies, things he'll bring them.

I am trying to clean in between breathing treatments. Not fun. The albuterol makes my heart race and not in a good way. I am clinging to the thought that at the end of these meds (for which I am grateful) there will be a calming of my symptoms. I hate feeling like this: jumpy, heart racing, breathing erratic and labored. It just goes to show how fragile we all are.

Well, I gotta scoot. The laundry beckons me. And somehow, when I wasn't looking, the sock basket re-loaded. Damn the sock basket.....


Scott B. said...

Yay! You've joined AMINUS3. Welcome!!!

I found it helpful to update my aminus3 site every two weeks. I can load the daily photos and at midnight, they change.

SB said...

yep....YOU suckered me in. It will help me stay FOCUSED, which I need.