Sunday, May 06, 2007


Kansas is in my prayers.....How do you recover from something like this? Mind-boggling. I missed church today (due to Jon trying to have a meltdown....)

Linda, I hope you're okay!!

ETA: Linda is fine. She lives 200+ miles away from this destruction. I spoke with her husband!! Whew!!


Linda said...

Girl, you were on my heart today too! I asked for prayers for, buzz, buzz (that's me, ringing in your ear).

Yes, we were lucky to have been spared that total devastation. That picture says more than a thousand words.

We did have a tornado warning in our area last night, around 11:15 or so. There was a touchdown about 15 miles east of us. No sirens here, though. Still have a few more days of this horrid weather to get through. It's too scary at night.

rennratt said...

One of my best friends lives in OKC. I panic every time I see bad weather in that area!