Wednesday, May 02, 2007

playing dress up

I loved playing dress up as a kid. Digging in my mom's closet, throwing her fur around my neck and speaking in a fake French accent....clomping around in Mom's high heels, TRYING and never quite succeeding to apply lipstick (my mom wore red and still does)...Playing dress up is an important thing for girls. It was for me. I have very fond memories of that stuff.

In light of that, I keep a sliding container under my bed with Halloween costumes and dress up stuff. And today, I scored this little number for $1.00!! I love shopping at the Resourceful Woman in Leesburg. Their store is clean and even though they could charge a lot more, they simply don't. Their sales benefit abused women and children shelters, a cause I strongly support.

Micaela literally HOWLED with delight when she saw this outfit....(it's a girl's dance recital type outfit)...

One day, she'll remember playing dress-up, too.


doverdi said...

How adorable is that!!! I used to love playing dress up when I was little too. I'm always on the look out for dress up clothes as I have a little 5 yr old great niece who loves to dress up. I found her an adorable Cinderella dress and she was just in her glory.

Linda said...

that is just TOO cute, you know! And the pose, well, that is spectacular. And the price was the best. All our "thrift" stores around here are NAAASSSSTTTTTYYYY. ugh.

Since my child doesn't play dressup, this would be wasted on her, sigh. Oh...and M looks much older with that outfit and no piggies on!