Saturday, May 26, 2007

random stuff on Saturday

1) I have all new asthma meds......AGAIN. I am awaiting the delivery dude who will bring me my very own high-tech nebulizer machine...can I get a HOOAH for that?? This will keep me out of the ER.

2) I am shooting a wedding today. I love weddings but the stress is unmentionable (it's a moment that CANNOT happen again, blah blah blah...)

3) I ate cherry turnover for breakfast this morning. Do NOT ask how many. Don't do it...I mean it.

4) I am the LAST PERSON ON EARTH who has not seen a single episode of "24", which is suprising because I like Keifer I started watching it last night on DVD. OH.MY.GOSH. I am going to be up all night...

5) I was going to list 5 things, but I ran out of steam...

Will post sneak peek of wedding tonight!


Karen said...

You're not the last person, but I'm glad you've jumped on the bandwagon. I hope you're starting from season 1. I skipped it and then went back. It really is a fun show.

Stopping by to say hi!

Linda said...

Well, you might have been the NEXT-TO-LAST person, but now that you've been hooked, I am officially the LAST person.....I have yet to watch it. Scott started watching it last season at WOAC, but when he got back to Germany, it was not on track, so he gave up, lol! And now, it coincides with something else (though what, I can't remember...maybe Deadliest Catch? - LOLOL!)

Yum...cherry turnover...I see that you left the "S" off...shame on you!