Friday, May 04, 2007

TOG (The Old Guard) Ball

It's Spring...which means it's the TOG Ball. TOG is The Old Guard. The Old Guard is at Ft. Myer...The TOG Ball is a big deal. The ladies dress in their finery and the men in uniform. I went last year and it was lovely. This year, we didn't have the money for respite care nor a babysitter. So Greg chose Micaela, his 2nd Best Girl, as his date. I have to admit, she cleans up well!

She was sooooo excited. She could hardly wait. Today arrived and it was all she could talk about. She's usually grumpy in the mornings, but today, she practically bolted out of bed! Her hair had been cut, her clothes laid out. She was READY!

An hour before she is to leave, we can't find her shoes. Her "high heels". white, kind of clunky.....but they do match her dress. Frantic, we pull out some clunky, not even close to matching, black Mary Janes...Luckily, she's too in love with her own dress to notice.

So off they've gone. Micaela with stars in her eyes, and her Daddy with a glimpe that someday, it'll be a wedding dress. Time flies and they grow fast.

I'm appreciating every moment.....


Linda said...

But where is the picture of Micaela and daddy in HIS finery? I do hope you'll be sharing those!

Anonymous said...

She's beautiful! She has a lot of her mother in her. I hope she had a grand time.


Dawn Mercedes said...

Adorable! love the gloved hands!