Thursday, June 21, 2007

feeling the love

I am so blessed. And I know that.
When I decided to take my photography business beyond my original "comfort zone", it was a little scary....worried whether I could do it or not. Scared if I was good enough. Petrified if I would be able to maintain my "art", doing things the way I envisioned....
Well, with God's help and my husband's support, things have been going very well. I feel good about where we are business-wise. Growing, learning and meeting my goals.
I feel blessed to do what I love, and truly, love what I do.
I chose to do this and I couldn't be more pleased. June was an exceptionally busy month. Almost 5 new clients each week. I'll be taking a bit a time off this summer and starting some new stuff in the Fall, but it's all working towards my goal: having a career that allows me to stay home and raise my own kids. When Greg I got married, we both agreed that our children would always be raised in the home, and not a day care (please no hate mail on daycare!)It's just something in which we believe very strongly. And having my own business, accepting clients when *I* want to gives me flexibility to be here for my kids and for my husband.
So to all of my new clients, thank you. And thanks for spreading the word.

ETA: photo by Greg Rock, have to give him credit....


rennratt said...

It is a wonderful feeling when we trust God. Even when things seem shaky or scary.

Because when we do, He blesses us - generally in ways we never imagined.

Like the Dream Job that allows us to follow our hearts.

Congratulations on the Freedom and Flexibility to have your Passion become (one of) your job(s)!

Kristy said...

You are a brilliant photographer!
(found you through "Heather")
Again, your pictures are beautiful.
(and so is your family!!)


In it for His glory ~

Peggy said...

Thanks for your nice comments on my blog, sewing is my passion (now how to make it a career hmmm)...I think your photography is awesome, and have really enjoyed viewing your photos.