Thursday, June 14, 2007

I missed Wordless Wednesday

I just had to share this picture of Adam. I sometimes catch grief for homeschooling one of my kids. Some people either a) don't understand WHY I would do it; b) think I am a werido for doing it, or c) think that I am stunting my kids' "social" growth...

Well, let me tell you. My boy is smart. I don't mean like "Oh he knows his colors". No, more like he's not in public school kindergarten yet and he's almost to 2nd grade Math and Science. He's a bit above age level for reading but I am hoping to change that over the summer. He's wicked smart. His brain works in a way that I don't get, but I do my best to foster good development. He's enrolled in for Math and Science and I am proud of him. I don't push him, I just guide him.

So when I saw this shirt at Wal-Mart, I had to get it. It's for all those naysayers who think I am harming him by homeschooling.

(took the picture with cell phone camera, which explains the lo-res quality.)

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rennratt said...

My bff Ro (caregiver for Nooze since she was 5 weeks old) pulled her kids out of public school two years ago.

It was the best decision she and her husband ever made.

Her kids are ahead of the curve in pretty much every area. They are well rounded, polite, and funny.

They 'practice' tougher classes by 'teaching' Nooze. )As a result, she reads at a late 1st grade level.)

Daughter plays the violin and dances; son plays the trombone and is a green belt in karate. Oh, and they both play softball/baseball and soccer.

Good call on homeschooling your son. You know him well enough to point him in the right direction, and allow him room to grow.