Tuesday, June 05, 2007

it's only Tuesday

Have you ever woken up and thought, "Is it Friday yet?"
Well, I did.....today.
I woke up late, behind the 8-ball. so to speak.
Had to drive to Walter Reed for Jon's medical stuff. He has a new doctor (HOOAH!) since his regular doctor is PCS'ing. We'll miss him, he's FABULOUS.
After my GPS led me on a traffic-clogged tour of DC streets, I drove all the way home to find my dog messed up several carpets.
Well, it could be worse...

It could be MONDAY.

So I am looking on the bright side. I am one day closer to the weekend.
I am up for some scrapbooking challenges. I made two pages last night, incredibly baisc, but darn it, I made 'em!
So my Challenge now is this: I'm going to make 10 pages using patterned paper (PP) on them. Not all patterned but the PP has to be on there somewhere on the page.....
I am sharing with you a very small fraction of my PP. I have probably 20X that much, stuffed in drawers. I need to use it or chunk it. No more excuses. This excess weighs on me. So I am going to use a BUNCH or Freecycle even more.

So if you want to accept this Challenge, send me a card, scrapbook page or SOMETHING that you're making using PP (patterned paper) and I'll enter your name for a prize. I'll show you the prize later.



Dawn Mercedes said...

That would be fun, but I'm still waiting for my first prize to come in the mail from you. hint, hint!

SB said...

that was mailed MONTHS ago.