Monday, June 11, 2007

oh my goodness BUSY

The weekend was a blur. Felt like I didn't even have a weekend. Not complaining, I am just noting it.
Saturday was Respite Family Day. The Fife and Drump corp came to play for Mary's Family, a group that I am a part of.
Sunday was a LONG day: three seperate back-to-back family sessions. Met three great families who know how to have fun!
1st picture is the Daily family. I love the look on the daughter's face, as if to say "Am I the only normal one?"
2nd one is Tess, a beautiful almost one-year old baby from the 2nd session.
3rd is Bethany, a 4 year old from the third family. She has the sweetest face.

Monday means LOTS of editing, proofing and more sessions...I better get to it....

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Christine said...

Wonderful photos! The baby shot is especially adorable!

Thanks for stopping by. I hope to see you join the challenge next week!