Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Late as usual. VBS is really throwing off my game. (not complaining, just have not found a rhythm...)
Did a session last night. Felt a bit off my game. I work with SO MANY kiddos, it's hard for me to get back into adults after being on a 3 year's old level.....but I think I rallied.
This is Kathleen and Brian. I almost hated to turn the photo "saddle" because Kathleen has this glorious red hair.
I liked this photo because of that look she's giving him. It says "there's a lot of inside jokes in 11 years of marriage." It says "he still makes me smile." It says "I love this man." And that is why I liked that picture so much.
VBS and photo sessions are my life this week....and the laundry, too.


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rennratt said...


Thank you for your honesty.

I updated, and I am sorry.