Thursday, June 28, 2007


Adam was reluctant about VBS.
He didn't KNOW any of those kids.
When he heard there was music and dancing, he reacted in a typical-guy fashion, "I'm not dancing."
Well, I caught him.
He's having so much fun. Learning scripture. Getting God's message. Taking turns.
And oh yes, DANCING.


Linda said...

and he looks like he is TOTALLY enjoying himself too!!!

FXSmom said... sweet. He is having sooo much fun!

Kristi Mantoni said...

I felt the same way the first time I went to VBS. I got over it pretty quickly and couldn't wait to go back the next year! I'm sure your son will be the same way.

Heather said...

Hey, I just found your site and wanted to say I love your photos! We are doing the EXACT same VBS theme at our church this week. I had a blast coordinating it.

Your son looks like he is having a blast!