Sunday, July 08, 2007

a BIG Challenge

Most everyone who reads here knows I am a military wife. I am one of the very lucky ones: My husband has not deployed. I have great admiration for these women, who hold down the fort, who manage alone, who worry and still smile. They are Warrior Wives.
I do what I can. I give money when I can. I wish I had more tmie (and childcare) to volunteer at places who aid these military families.

One of the organizations that I think very highly of the Fisher House. We have one connected to Walter Reed right here in DC and they do amazing things for military families.

Well, I want to do something....but I am pretty broke. I can't volunteer (no one to watch my own kids). So I am going to make cards: 100 cards before the end of August. That's about 53 days. Roughly 2 cards per day. Some days, I'll make more. Some days, I'll make less. But 100 cards by end of August.

And I am challenging you guys, you scrappers, stampers, artists to do the same. Donate some handmade cards to a local military facility: a VA hospital perhaps.

This is one Challenge I have to do. Just have to. Those wives who live there, while their husbands are getting care sending a LOT of thank you cards and general purposes cards. They will be greatly appreciates, I know.

So will you guys join my Fisher House card Challenge? God knows we all probably have paper!! (hehehehe...inside scrapbooker paper-obsession joke!)

Support your troops and support their families. Make some cards!! I am starting today!

ETA: What kind of cards should you make?

Try the following:
* thinking of you
* Happy Birthday

Leave the entire inside blank, so that the recipient can write their own thoughts.



Linda said...

That sounds like a good challenge - what kind of cards, though? Birthday? Thinking of you? Sympathy? I have no clue what to make!

Anonymous said...

Awesome idea! This is something that even the older kids can do too.

rennratt said...

I have plenty of supplies, but no idea where to start.

Do you have any recommendations?

Angel W said...

I recently sent a huge package of cards to a girl who sends them overseas to soldiers. I think this is a great idea!!