Thursday, July 19, 2007

Card Challenge Update

My Card Challenge for the Fisher House is going well. I had originally wanted to have 100 cards by the end of August. It looks like I might hit my goal by the end of July....I have made 65 cards so far. Just using elements from cards that were unfinished, only using scraps. Using up what I have ON HAND. I thought it would tougher. It's been a breeze. And I feel such a sense of accomplishment in getting something (even as small as a card) done....

I happened to visit Walter Reed this week when Jonathan had his medical appointments and spoke with a Red Cross volunteer about my Card project and she was VERY happy about it. She said that sadly, at this stage in the war that many of these families feel forgotten, like they are just another news story. If you could see some of the goodness, some of the amazing stories out of Walter Reed....but nope, our Media only shows you the bad stuff. It sells better. There are some wonderful and dedicated people who serve these military families. That is not to say that EVERYTHING there is peaches and cream: it isn't. But a lot of good happens there.

So for my Fisher House Challenge, it looks like I'll make my goal!
I wanted to share some of the cards with you today. They are VERY simple. Nothing elaborate or terribly fancy, but y'all know me: I am neither elaborate nor fancy.
If you cannot make cards, please consider donating a book of stamps to the Project.


Kristiem10 said...

What a cool idea! How nice of you.

Anonymous said...

Those are gorgeous!!