Monday, July 16, 2007

I've been tagged

Angel over at has tagged me.
I always respond to "tags". I am compulsive that way...


The idea is that you share 7 things about yourself. This will be challenging for me, because I blabber on and on and y'all have heard all my stories!! But I'll try:

1. I love quotes. Scripture, quotes from famous people, Mom-isms....all of them! I just read one today that really struck a chord in me. It was on my friend's Care Page. She recently lost her daughter, Pauline, and she's finding her way back into a life that no longerincludes her beautiful girl. And she wrote "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass... It's about learning to dance in the rain." I love that quote....I think I am going to make a scrapbook page around that quote.
2. I love foot rubs. Would rather have someone give me a really god foot rub rather than clean the kitchen. If I knew there was a foot rub waiting for me after cleaning the kitchen, I dare say that would be one heck of a motivator!
3. I don't like cheese. None. Not even a little.
4. I have seizures where I smell things that aren't there.
5. I have terrible handwriting.
6. I have to have hard candies on road trips. And sitting in the back seat makes me carsick.
7. I like the smell of coffee but I don't drink it. I once had a nice Yankee Candle Coffee candle, but it broke in one of the many moves...

Now, Angel, can you tell how boring I am.....? I really am frightfully dull. But I like it that way. I am simple (as simple as any woman can be!)

Now, I am supposed to pick several folks. Linda? Sue? you guys wanna reveal 7 things, knock yourself out!

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