Tuesday, July 17, 2007

life with the J man

I rarely post pictures of Jonathan (who now goes by JON at school, his nickname at home is "The J man"). It's not because I don't love him. It's beacuse he is THE HARDEST PERSON in the universe to photograph. Especially when you're his mother.

We met his new doctor today. His other doctor, a Navy Commander, PCS'ed to Japan. Although we're sorry to see him go, it gives us the chance to meet a new doctor and increase awareness on Fragile X. I don't think this doctor has ever knowingly treated a patient with a Fragile x diagnosis, so I am looking forward to sharing some info with him. SO far, first impressions and all, I like the new doctor. He's a straight shooter and I like that.

Now feast your eyes on my handsome guy. Who is now 19. I didn't blog about his birthday. I don't know about you (some of you who read here also have kids with diagnoses) but birthday and typical BIG holdays like birthdays are hard on me. It's a brutal reminder of where he's not. Although I love Jonathan with my whole heart, I still grieve. You never really stop. You just get used to it. And time moves on...

But isn't he handsome? Man, it makes me feel old looking at him. I remember the day he was born, his first steps, how he got that scar over his eye, the day of his diagnosis, and I have loved him every single day of his life. He and I have been through some hard times together, but we've survived and flourished. I am blessed to be Mom to the J man. Fragile X and all its scars.



Anonymous said...

He is incredibly handsome :).
It's cute how you call him the J man. In our house Matt calls my husband "The Code man." In turn my husband call him "Matt man." So now I don't feel so strange about the crazy nicknames we have going on...lol.

Linda said...

He is SO handsome...amazing. Your love shines through, no matter the hardships, no matter the oceans you must try to bridge....you love him unconditionally. Happy 19th, J man!