Monday, July 02, 2007

my Monday

I had a busy but fulfilling weekend. I went out last night! With the ladies from my church. It was Ladies Night Out (LNO) and it was so much fun. We had dinner at Uno's then caught a movie. You'd think with a bunch of women of varying ages that we'd pick a chick flick, but nope: we picked "Live Free or Die Hard." It was good. Some of the stunts were a bit far-fetched but I like action movies just fine.

Today, we got our new driveway. I live in a small town. You could almost condsider it rural. Many of the homes on my side of town have gravel driveways. Well, every Spring when it would rain, we'd have Lake Balvanz in the drive, and in Winter, it was treacherous to walk on. So we had it graded and asphalted. The guys who did it were so nice. I made them 2 gallons of Sweet Tea and a homemade chocolate cake. They were so grateful. I think if someone comes into your home space to do a service, you should treat them kindly.

Now, I have to get moving. I have a gig tonight and dinner is in the oven. It's a throwback from my husband's childhood: Porcupine Balls. Personally, I have never had them. Micaela helped me make them, (we're trying to get her interested in other foods....)

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Linda said...

What's porcupine balls? Do I even want to KNOW? LOL ;-)

congrats on your driveway - I now have WATER PRESSURE - Yay!!!!