Tuesday, July 10, 2007

progress on the Card Challenge

The Fisher House Challenge is going GREAT (so far). I have 27 cards so far and let me tell how I've done it. It was super easy and I bet you could do it this way, too.

Start off with your stack of pre-folded cards. half sheet of cardstock cut and folded. I have a huge basket full of these, just waiting for me to make something with them. This saved me GOBS of time.

then I utilized my scraps. You know...those pesky pieces of paper leftover from various projects that we can bear to throw away. USE IT UP!! I have SO much scrap paper. Usually I give it to the kids but this was the perfect use of it.

Then I used up some of my Elements. You know, when you sit down to make some cards and you make extra doo-dads..I have a shoebox full of them. Some from every season and in every color scheme....

so far, I have 27 cards that barely took any time at all! That is the one thing I don't have: time. And money. This was was more frugal than going out and raiding Michael's or the LSS for something new...

So if you want join, just dig through what you have and pick a few simple designs and get started. Maybe you don't have space to scrap or stamp in. I can certainly appreciate that.........My space is small, too. It would be more spacious if I didn't feel like I needed EVERY tool within my reach....I often envy those women who have huge spacious rooms with Pottery Barn tables and windows....but then I tell myself, "Be Grateful you have ANY space!"

I'll share some of the cards tonight. I have to get the kitchen clean now.


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Linda said...

I need to burn up the pre-made kits I have....I bought a bunch of them at the LSS that was going out of business (for 70% off!) and just need to sit and start making them. If I could JUST get off the computer....sigh.