Wednesday, July 25, 2007

some serious blessings

I have had a great day (and it's only 3pm)
Nothing major happened. Nothing particularly FABULOUS. (I did get some awesome mail). But I woke today, with a fervent need to pray for someone I love (which I did) and I'll tell ya: it set my mind and my heart on the right path.
And isn't that what God wants for us?
I have been full of this feeling, that a serious blessing is coming my way...You ever feel like that? I feel so expectant, and I am waiting for God to reveal to me what it is.....In His time, not mine.

My sock basket is full (as always)
my laundry is multiplying when I am not looking....
and I have not decided what I am cooking for dinner yet.
But I feel good....

I took the kids to Hamilton to do the paper recycling (because I am Mother to the Recycling Goddess..she'll harass you if you don't recycle..) and we decided to explore a new playground. They were horrified that we had to leave so quickly so I know we'll be back tomorrow...While we were there, I had my camera (duh...of course I did)...and I was snapping some pictures of Micaela (God I love my fixed 50mm)....

My Sweet Micaela.
She dresses herself, and feels completely comfortable mixing stripes and Hawaiian prints.
She sings ALL THE TIME.
She dances like no one is looking.
Her dimples amaze me still.
I love this girl so much sometimes I fear my heart will burst.
She is why I scrapbook, you know. She asks me all the time about the little stories: how did you meet Daddy? How did you know you loved him? What did he say the first time he saw me when I was born? Who do I look like? etc...she's a girl who's all about the stories.

And I am all about the pictures. (this is what happens when a photographer tries to coach her own child....)

Oh this life...I do love it.


Andrea said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and entering my drawing! I laughed so hard I almost fell off my chair over the yelping thing! :) I am linking you on my blog. Hope that is OK! It's good to know that someone sees the gift as something more than just something to win.

Kristiem10 said...

I love the pics. And I hope God blesses you in a special way. :)

Andrea said...

You are my First Place winner!! Please contact me thru my blog or thru the email on my profile with where to ship. Thank You so much for entering!!