Saturday, July 28, 2007


It's Saturday. I am just not "together" enough to remember to update the blog. It's been pretty low on the priorities.

So lemme do a week re-cap.

* Greg is IN LOVE.....with his new bike. Suddenly, commuting isn't as awful as before. Eventually, the novelty will dim. But probably not for a while...

* Adam suffered a head injury today. He'd pushed his helmet back because his head was sweaty and fell on his bike. Terribly goose-egg on his head and we talked again about bike safety.

*I bought a new leather jacket today at the Harley dealer where we bought the bike. It was on sale, of course. Greg took the pictures for me. Isn't it pretty?? I also bought an orange shirt at Target.

*I have almost met my Fisher House Goal!! I have 87 cards done. I am HOPING to finish the other 13 either tonight or tomorrow. I am still going to do another 100 cards by August 31st. Those families need to know that we have not forgotten them.

*Very busy week planned. A few sessions, a homeschooling field trip and we'er going camping at Assateague National Park.

Hope everyone else is having a GREAT weekend.


Anonymous said...

Cool jacket! Looks like a bad bump on your little guy. Hopefully it heals quickly. I hope all is well with you!


Linda said...

so now you're gonna go all Harley Chick on me, huh? Too bad that's where our guys are MEGA different...never gonna be any kind of motorcycle in our futures. But hey, if I DO make it out there some day, are you gonna lend me that leather and not be jealous when I BEG Greg for a ride???

and sorry to hear about Adam's bump. I warn Hannah about that very thing all the time. Hope we don't have to experience it in order to get it through the thick skull!