Sunday, July 08, 2007

weekend excitamundo

It's been a busy last week followed by a nice weekend. I like it when it works out like that. My days are filled with random stuff, some of which I'll tell you now:

*I have seen 3 movies in the last week:
- Live Free or Die Hard: A- I love a good action movie and Bruce Willis delivers
- Transformers: A-, too long but GREAT special effects. We will own this one. I already bought school supplies for Adam with Bumblee and Optimus Prime on them. because you KNOW in August, they will be GONE!
- Ratatouille: C+, really wanted to like this one but I was bored watching it. Plus it needed better muysic. Just my opinion.

I have pre-scrapped about 20 pages. You know....lined up the picture with the paper and goodies. This way, when I get time to actually scrapped, I can hit the road running. Now I just need time. I am thinking about giving up sleeping.....
The mailman brought me the most wonderful package from my Cosmic Sister! I can't wait to share some of that with y'all...
Greg and I are almost done with Season 3 of the show "24". Does anyone else think Kiefer Sutherland has a puppy dog face? I mean, he's attractive....but he reminds me of a Pekingnese dog. Maybe it's just me. Love the show. LOVE.IT! I am a total "24" junkie now.
I am going to WOMEN OF FAITH this weekend and I am SO psyched. I am ready to dance, sing and praise the Lord. I LOVED it last year. My friend, Shauna, won't be with me, and neither will Linda, but I am still going to enjoy myself. I will take GOBS of pictures.
My shooting schedule is kicking back into high gear after taking some much needed time off for family. I was exhausted after June's grueling pace.
I am already getting the kids' Halloween costumes together. I am NOT waiting until the last minute. Being frugal means planning ahead, so I sm starting NOW.
I am doing TWO Challenges presently: The "live and Cook out the Freezer" Challenge. Not buying any new meats as long as I can. I can live for a while, I think...It maens being VERY creative.
My other Challenge is the "100 Cards" for Fisher House. I just started this one today, but already have 17 cards ready to go. I pulled them together from extra elements that I had lying around.
I am trying really hard not to use my clothing dryer. Trying to line dry everything. Part of the getting back to Living Cheaper thing. I was starting to stray but I have been re-directed.
Jonathan broke his glasses this weekend and I discovered, sadly, that Sears has altered their once-fabulous warranty to one that is just as sucky as everyone else's. So he and I both got new glasses at Wal-Mart.
I will be putting on a swuitsuit today for the 1st time in like 7 years. I have not been swimming since before Micaela was born....Hey, I've beem BUSY!!

Okay enough. Gotta get off the computer and go live my life.


Linda said...

That's a busy life. I want to see Ratatouille....maybe I'll take the kids this week for a matinee. Or! It's supposed to rain all week, so who knows.

I had to be in a bathing suit for two weeks...ugh. Oh well. At least the suit fits me again. I DO need a new one, though.

Anonymous said...

So when do you get to breathe ;-)!!