Tuesday, July 17, 2007

what is it.....?

can you tell what it is? It's not a new piece of scrapbook paper (although it is is very pretty and I could scrap it....)

Here's what it is:

and it goes with THIS:

It's my new motorcycle helmet!!
Yep, Greg bought a Harley today.
As always there will be questions:

1) we did not win the Lottery.
2) no, I will never drive it nor do I want to.
3) He is not having a mid-life crisis.
4) He bought it for the hellish extreme commute that he endures every day (average 120 miles each day). We could buy the bike, insure it, and fill it with gas several times for less than half of one month's gas for his truck. SO it was purely financial move. 80 miles to the gallon anyone???

A very cool, sweet ride of a financial move.
He's happy. Wouldn't you be? It's a HARLEY.


Linda said...

Oh man...I want a RIDE! I haven't been on a bike in for-EVER and I love them - even wanted to buy one at one time. You don't have to be rich, just a little off-kilter to want to make the commute from hell (anything in DC, Atlanta, LA and NYC qualify) on a BIKE...nevermind that it's a Harley....

But I STILL want a ride!!!!

Oh, and your helmet? Totally cool and OH SO girl!

Anonymous said...