Sunday, July 15, 2007

Women of Faith re-cap

I am back. Refreshed, renewed and loaded with laundry.
I'll just give you the high points:

-Beth Moore TOTALLY rocks. I want every book she's written. I used EXCELLENT restraint in only buying one. I could fill my blog with my review on her alone, but I'll give bits and piceces in days to come.

I cried, was uplifted, felt my heart break, and experienced true joy being there. Women of Faith just isn't a conference. It's an EXPERIENCE. You avail yourself to it. You surrender.....

On Friday night, after the Pre-Conference, our ladies gathered in one of the hotel rooms and did what ladies do: drank wine (none for me), ate chocolate (lots for me) and laughed, cried and told stories. I did most of the talking.....Some of these women I've gone to church with now for two years and they got to see me in a different light: I told them of the horrific abuse at the hands of my first husband, the trials and joys of raising kids with special needs and about life in general. It was fun, but oh my, was it exhausting! As soon as my head hit that pillow, I was out like a light! It's amazing how when you spread your burden out, it lightens it grip on you so quickly.....

So I am home now. With a fuller heart, a lighter spirit and a determination to live more as God wants me to. I've been doing a fair job so far, but I am going to kick it up a notch! (And I am definitely going to join an online Beth Moore bible study!!)

The WOF schedule for 2008 is already up on their website. Go check to see if it's coming to YOUR TOWN and start saving now. You won't regret it...

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Linda said...

It's not a pretty trait, and it's not something that God likes, but MAN...I am JEALOUS.

I did most of Beth Moore's study, A Woman's Heart: God's Dwelling Place - and I REALLY got a lot out of it, but I couldn't finish it because I had Scotty in the middle of it, and he was SUCH a needy infant. It was hard to even TRY to get the rest done. They've updated it, the title's close to the same. I do want to do another one, but I have to be prepared to do a LOT of homework for it.

Wish I could have gone...sounds like something I REALLY need.