Thursday, August 16, 2007

Good-bye Lucy

Today we said our good-byes to Lucy.
She was ready to go.
I won't say much about this here but I believe that animals KNOW when it's their time. She helped us make our peace with this decision.
God has His hand on every living thing, and animals are His, too.
Adam put it best when he said: "Lucy is God's dog now."


Sue said...

I have already asked our Montana to be there waiting for your Lucy and take her under her wings and show here the ropes at Rainbow bridge. Tana has been there three years now and each day I miss her more but knowing she has a buddy up there now makes all the difference :)

Anonymous said...

You know she's in a much better place. Still, I'm sorry for your family's loss. May God ease your sadness quickly!


Linda said...

Okay...I knew this was coming, and I'm sad and teary-eyed, but my sister's post up above there just made me cry...Tana and Lucy will be good buds, I just KNOW it....