Monday, August 27, 2007

Happy Anniversary

It's my anniversary!!
Eight GREAT years.
Married to a wonderful, funny, caring, trustworthy, faithful man.
I am blessed and I know it.

We started out, odds against us. A blended family, a civilian having to adapt to military life. Both with issues, baggage. But we brought out the best in each other and here we stand, together, a family of 5 now. Still together. Still in love.

1st picture as a couple. Isn't it sweet? I laugh remembering how crazy in love I was...and still am.

1st "family" picture. Back when it was just Greg, me and Jonathan. I LOVE those booth pictures....

How have I adjusted to being a military wife? Well, I have only one word for that:

I think I've done fairly well. I love my husband and support him in his career as best I can. I am proud of his accomplishments.

Secrets to happiness in married life? I have none. What I have learned from being married to this man, this wonderful man, is this:

* look at the bright side
* be patient
* trust
* Hold onto your faith

I leave you with this last picture. It was the picture that appeared on the front of our announcements. (We got married the 1st time with no family, just Greg, me and our Pastor) and we sent out announcements THEN had a formal wedding.

It's a giant golden peanut. He was stationed at Ft Rucker, Alabama when we met and married. And Dothan, AL is just a short distance from there. Dothan is PROUD to be known as the Peanut Capital of the World. So it was our way to honor the Golden Peanut.

If you're reading this honey, Happy Anniversary.


Linda said...

Stinker! I was just wondering when your anniversary was! Which one is this...the first one, the REAL one....but's an ANNIVERSARY, right...?????

Paula said...

Happy Anniversary Suzanne! After cutting your vacation short (we did too)you deserved a special day!

Kristiem10 said...

Happy Anniversary, Suzanne! Love the pictures.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh...Happy Anniversary :)

PW said...

Happy Anniversary!! Our Anniversary was on the 26th, how ironic:)