Wednesday, August 01, 2007


I met my Fisher House goal! Of making 100 cards. Technically, I was supposed to have 100 cards by the last day of August. But I did it by the end of July!

Now I am setting my goal of 100 more by the end of August. THAT will hard....The 1st set of 100 was made by using leftover elements from previous projects. I used up a BUNCH of stuff. Now I have will have to come up with the original design. And I don't do them in assembly-line format. I might make 2-3 cards the same. Otherwise, they're all different.

Why is this important to me? My nephew is on his THIRD tour in Iraq. His wife and infant son await his safe return. If his wife were sitting at the Fisher House, waiting, hoping, praying....I would want her to have a nice card to send to friends and family. When I visited WRAMC (Walted Reed Army Medical Center) recently, I was saddened to hear someone say "Some of these families feel forgotten at this point in the war..."

Let us never forget our Wounded Warriors. And the worried family members who care for them. No matter how you feel about the war, you should respect the troops and their families. Their service is what makes our country great.

I am planning on delivering my cards in the coming weeks (whenever Jon has another appointment at WRAMC). I was going to lay all of the 100 cards out and photograph but that would mean removing them from their envelopes and I am not going to do that.

Next stop: 200 cards!


Anonymous said...

Awsome job girl! You're so cool!


Linda said...

I have made over 30 cards, but unfortunately, not for Fisher House or any military hospitals. I made three bundles of cards for gifts. Plus several birthday cards, but that's it!

MelissaR said...

Wow, great accomplishment! :) This project is a great way to help these families.

ABW said...

I used to be on a scrapbooking list with you years ago and I stumbled on to your blog. I am glad to see that you are doing well and continuing to put your heart into the support of soldier and their families!