Friday, August 17, 2007

just had to share

Went to Aldi today.
Had lunch at Pete's in Hagerstown.
Just had to share this picture from Aldi.
Of course, people there thought I was a LITTLE weird for whipping out the camera phone for my frozen goods. I did not buy them. They just made me giggle.
I was born in TX, but I consider AK home. I even have an AK shaped cookie cutter!


Linda said...

TX shaped don't that beat all!

I use my camera everywhere, so I don't care if people say anything, lol!!!

PW said...

I LOVE that you post different pictures of all kinds of things on your blog. I try to do the same too. Altho, my pics are not the same professional quality:)You can make a picture of ground beef look nice! But I do take my camera with me to most places, just in case I see a blog entry out there!