Tuesday, August 07, 2007


1. I am melting. Humidity is EVIL.

2. Did I mention the heat?

3. My sunburn feels better. Not 100% but it'll heal in time.

4. I cannot cook while our AC is broken and I am not heartbroken about this.

5. Tomorrow is Micaela's 7th Birthday. I cannot believe she'll be 7!! Time flies when you're getting old.

6. Again, I am melting. I really should quit my complaining. I know soldiers in Iraq have it MUCH WORSE..

7. New AC SHOULD BE working tonight.


Linda said...

SEVEN? wow...time does fly. But man, that girl is gorgeous...looks JUST LIKE mom!!!!

Sorry you're melting....

Kristiem10 said...

She is so pretty! DDrew turned seven in July. It is hard to believe how big they're getting, huh?