Thursday, August 09, 2007


Today was my husband's promotion ceremony.
In military life, there are LOTS of ceremonies.
Today's was probably the most interesting one I have attended thus far.

1. I had Adam and Micaela with me. They were as HYPED as hyped can be. Like they had mainlined Kool-aid before we arrived. I mean WILD.....

2. The ARMY G3 was promoting Greg. General Jim Lovelace...We know him from Alaska and he was thrilled to promote Greg. He's a "biggie wow-wow" in military circles.

3. Adam had grapes, LOTS of grapes, for his morning snacks. Which gave him loud, concussive, uncontrollable farting, which he was incredibly proud of.

So we've got an important ceremony, an important military figure, and wild, farting children.

Everything went fine.....No one least not that I am aware of. Adam was presented with an ARMY strong t-shirt during the ceremony so he decided during the remarks to strip down right there and change. One of the guys remarked "Good thing he didn't get pants...HOOAH!" All in all, it was memorable.

I am so proud of my husband. He works hard. He does an amazing job. When he was promoted, he thanked God, me and the Corp (in that order). His position is not one that was easy to obtain. Competition was fierce and well-qualified. He has gotten to where he is because he has what it takes. Plain and simple.


PS The only reason I don't have a shot of my husband getting pinned is because *I* was doing the pinning.


Linda said...

And you know I would never have asked that particular question about the pinning, lol!

Congratulations to you, Greg...hopefully we're not too far behind on pinning CW3 on Scott (but at this rate, it's going to be February before it happens).

Your kids are hilarious - farting, mainlining koolaid kids...but they know when they need to behave. And I LOVE that picture you posted. I do!!!!

Kristiem10 said...

Congrats to Greg!!

I love the pic, too.

Anonymous said...

Awesome :)!!