Wednesday, August 01, 2007

sunflowers and joy

Went to Great Country Farms today with the kidlets. It's $5.00 per person. Relatively cheap entertainment. The kids held their noses through the pitifully small amount of animals available for viewing. Seemed like last year, there were more animals. And that the place was in better shape.

Nonetheless, they have the most amazing sunflowers. I love sunflowers. To me, they are like a floral polka dot. (Side note: polka dots = happiness to me.) No one can be unhappy around sunflowers...

So I am standing there, snapping a bazillion pictures of these glorious flowers and I hear a woman behind me, talking to someone. She was staring at the sunflowers with her eyes full of tears.

I'll make the story short: Her mother passed away recently and she was ill for quite some time. While helping her mother die, her mother told her that she's always be here. Just look for her in sunflowers. She told her that she wanted her to find joy after she was gone from this life, and that could find her (and the joy) in sunflowers.

So this woman, whose name I didn't even ask, told me although she is still actively grieving, the joy she feels when she sees a sunflower in boundless. Much like the love God has for all of us. She shared this scripture with me. She only gave me the chapter/verse so I had to go home and look it up.

So this picture is for the sunflower lady.
And for her mother, who was smart enough to leave some joy behind.


Linda said...

What a beautiful post!

Thank you for sharing your sunflower. And I swear, this year, when the wild sunflowers bloom randomly all over Kansas creation, I WILL photograph them...and I will remember that story now!

Peggy said...

This gave me goosebumps!