Monday, August 27, 2007

this is my life

A big shout-out to Melody Ross. You know her....she STARTED Chatterbox, in like her garage or something. She's AMAZINGLY talented. I read her blog when I have time.

She has this cool project going on. She calls it "this is my life". Pictures of bits & pieces of what makes us "us"...

I LOVE THIS. I am all about the small stuff. SO I am sharing some of mine.

This is my of today, Monday 27 August.

Y'all join in!!


Linda said...

Gorgeous pictures (I swear, I need some new synonyms!!!). I particularly love the one of Micaela looking out the window and your capture in the mirror.

Sometimes you HAVE to look back to see the future!

bethtrue said...

Suzanne - great pictures. Happy Anniversary - hang in there!

Beth (mommy to a busy 4-yr old)