Sunday, August 26, 2007

thoughts for Sunday

It's been a LONG day....
and it's only 2:39pm.
I did get to go to Panera (which I love). Had a not so nice experience with one of their employees. I am too emotional about it so I won't mention it YET.

I wanted to share this sticker I saw on a truck. his truck was COVERED with bumper stickers that were supportive of our military. I loved it.

I think it would be fitting to have clever, patriotic stickers to show off. Also, those stupid stickers, too. (Like my personal favorite stupid sticker "re-defeat Bush"...that one always makes me laugh). Even though I am a Conservative Republican, I am capable of laughing at my own party. The Republicans do NOT have all the answers, nor are they always let's share some witty bumper stickers.

Now....I have about 13.5 hours left in this day. I intend to improve my mood.
Where's my chocolate?


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