Tuesday, August 28, 2007

truer words were never spoken

Today, I woke up at 6am sharp.
After having gone to bed at 0330.
A mere two and half hours of sleep.
I felt like there was sand under my eyelids.

Nonetheless, I was "faking" it for the kids.
I find that if I "fake" a little good morning perkiness, it sets the tone for the day. Then they wake up happy and all is right with the world...

But then......I got a warning today.

Jonathan is very affected by my "fake" perkiness.
If I show the least amount of crankiness, impatience or exhaustion, it colors his day. And not in a good way....

So, here's me...with 2.5 hours of sleep, trying to fake perkiness.
It just wasn't happening.

So Jonathan looks right at me and says (I kid you not):

J: "Suzanne....I don't know how to tell you this..." {and yes, he calls me by my first name...}

S (me) (I am thinking, Oh great, he peed in his clothes basket in stead of going to the bathroom again...) I just smile and attempt perkiness.

J: "I am not in a good mood. And I don't think I will be all day."

S: (stunned silence and the fake smile slid right off of my face)...

I literally bit a hole in my lip and walked the bathroom as fast as I could. When I pushed my face into a thick towel and laughed as hard as I ever have.

It's true. He's been in a bad mood all day. But this is good: that he knew it, he articulated it and I respect that. Plus starting out my day with genuine laughter is a WHOLE LOT better than fake perkiness.


Peggy said...

You're right. Laughter is so much better than fake perkiness! Really, a sweet story. Hope the day got better.

PW said...

Laughter is the BEST medicine! I hope your day got better. I have been living on very little sleep a lot lately, I feel for you.

Sue said...

I don't know how you do it but as hard as his bad moods probably are on you? This just cracked me up this morning and started MY day off right :)