Saturday, September 15, 2007

the $14 dance move

This picture won't make sense....unless you hear the story:

We're sitting on bales of hay, listening to some band playing. Bluegrass music that my husband would have loved to hear.....Adam starts tapping his foot. Wiggling his leg. Shaking his butt in his seat.

So I tell him "go ahead, get up and dance." OF COURSE, he's too shy.

So I bribed him. There was this lil plastic horse that he'd been eyeing and I told him I would buy it if he got up and danced, in front of everyone. He held off but then gave in. He got up and cut a rug! I was laughing so hard, enjoying him, that I forgot to take a picture. He was starting to show off when people started clapping. He was incorporating Power Ranger moves in with his dancing and I could hardly breathe from laughing....So I finally remembered to snap one picture before it ended.


In the end, he upgraded to the fancier horse (which was $7 instead of the cheap $3 from before). Then Micaela HAD TO have one, too.

So the clever lil boot scooting boogie and a really good laugh cost me $14.00.

It was worth every penny.

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