Saturday, September 15, 2007

The 28th Annual Bluemont Fair

First of all, let me say that the Bluemont Fair ROCKS. It's relatively inexpensive, family friendly and very well organized. We loved it! This was our 2nd year to go.

What the Fair means to us is:

riding the ponies!! $3.00 per ride, once around the pen. The kids eat ths up! One poor lil guy was crying so hard because he wanted a pony.

Micaela thinks of cotton candy when she thinks of the fair. Her joy knows no bounds with cotton candy. (For me, it's kettle corn.....YUM!)

Getting your face pained by Bubble B, the coolest clown for several counties around! I tried to book her for our Holdiay Party, but she's booked for like a billion years out....She's good!

I wish Greg had been there. That was the only thing that was missing. But he'll be there next year!


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