Sunday, September 09, 2007

colorful scrapping

I am generally NOT a colorful scrapper.
I am BORING, I prefer brown, beiges, navy blues and black.
Could I BE MORE CONSERVATIVE in my color choices? It's unlikely.

Like many scrappers, I have a HUGE collection of paper.
If I scrapped 10 pages a day for one solid yer, I just might make a dent in my paper stock.
LOTS of my paper is colorful.
I look at it, consider it, then continue to reach for my go-to colors.

So today, I surprised myself.
I bought a paper was brand new and somehow had a clearance tag on it, so I took this as Divine Intervention :)

But look at it. It couldn't be more colorful:

This is NOT my typical "style". But I felt drawn to I gave in and bought it!
I'm going to a friend's house tomorrow in the neighboring town and we're going to have tea and talk about scrapbooking. Show off each other's albums and such....My best scrapping friend lives a BILLION miles away, I so wish I could sit at a table with her. Maybe someday...

Anyhow, I intend to scrap today. Wish me luck!!

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