Sunday, September 02, 2007

hey, you got a recipe for............?

Hi, I'm Suzanne......and I am a Cookbook Addict...

There really should be a 12-step program for women like my mom, because she passed her insane love of cookbooks onto me. My mom probably has a bazillion cookbooks in her house right now...give or take 1-2.

Seriously, she told me that I would know I was a "grown-up" when I started caring about a) the weather, b) my garden and c) found myself sitting on the couch reading recipes FOR FUN.

So, I am now a grown-up.
She'd be sooooo proud...

Unlike my mother, I can give a cookbook up. (My mom giving one up is the same as you reader giving away a kidney...It doesn't happen very often.) I went through my cookbooks last year and realized that I was holding onto some of them for ONE RECIPE. SO I copied them and stuck the copies in my trusty countertop Binder Cookbook (I'll tell ya about that in a minute...) and sold a whole mess of my books. I now keep a small stable of books, they were the ones I reach for constantly.

Out of this stable, I reach for 4 book constantly:

1) My Binder Cookbook;
2,3and 4) as pictured

These are REAL COOKBOOKS that won't disappoint you. I get really steamed when I open a cookbook and it's chockfull of rich images that make me ache to cook, but then the recipe is filled with far-out funky ingredients that, even speaking several languages, I cannot pronounce.

I am into REAL cooking. I am NOT Martha...

Now about the Binder Cookbook. It's a 2 inch presentation Binder that lives on my counter, next to my Kitchen Aid mixer. Highly coveted counter space, let me tell ya! It's a binder filled with recipes from magazines, newspapers, my mother, the glorious recipe sharing Internet, etc.... I have each recipe behind a plastic sheet, protected for years to come. My daughter will thank me someday when she can make the most amazing cinnamon rolls known to mankind...thanks to the BINDER. (when I die, it will be the Binder they fight over.....and my scrapbooks.)

Today, we are stress-baking! We're making Mexican Wedding Cookies and Sprinkle cookies. What are YOU making?

To get some of the books I have pictured, you can always try one of my favorite places: FREE Paperback Swap (look in the colums on the left and you'll see it.)

I would LOVE to know your favorite recipes. Please binder needs to grow!

ETA: The Sprinkle Cookies TOTALLY ROCKED! After a REALLY bad afternoon and a massive meltdown on Jonathan's behalf, stress baking helped tremendously. The kids BEGGED to make more cookies tomorrow....Who am I to deny them?


PattiB said...

Hey Suzanne-
I'll swap you a really good/really easy chicken enchilad recipe for your cinnamon roll recipe!!!! My neighbors husband makes the BEST cinamon rolls but I have yet to get the recipe out of him (MEN!!!).

PS- I love the Cake Doctor one..I use dit alot in my recipes and clients would say.."That is from a mix????" I bought the Cupcake one at a school book fair last Spring and have mad some yummy cupcakes from that. Email me at and I will send you the enchilada recipe.
Happy Baking- patti

Kristiem10 said...

I love cookbooks. I have a lot of them. And I have my own recipe binder, too. It is overflowing. My favorites are: Better Homes and Garden Cookbook, Top Secret Restaurant Recipes, and a local one by some church ladies that I got from my grandma's estate sale. She was also a cookbook saver.