Sunday, September 16, 2007

I love to read

Although my head hurts to bad to read right now, I forced myself to finish the last 10 pages of my most recent book. It was a good one. I will read more of what he's written:

I heard about Brad Thor on Glenn Beck's show, then on Laura Ingraham's show..then on SpouseBuzz. So I figured if EVERYONE is talking about him, I simply must read it. So I did. I am a bit compulsive about the Bestseller list. Back when I had more time (and money), I used to read the entire NYTimes Bestseller list. (unless it was a left-leaning, Liberal type book...)
If you like "24" or the Bourne trilogy, you'd probably like Bard Thor. Good guys shoot the bad guys. Lots of graphic action.

Next on my reading list:

of course, I'll start reading AFTER this headache loosens its grip on me. I can hardly see straight, it hurts so much.....which begs the question: why am I blogging?
I'm off to lie on the couch and listen to "Flushed Away" with the kids....

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airforcewife said...

Oh, I'm so glad you liked it! Brad Thor really is my current literary crush. Glad SpouseBUZZ was able to give him a push towards your reading list!