Monday, September 03, 2007


You know Target is doing this JUST TO TORTURE ME!!
I have been wanting one the PINK Dysons since...uh....forever!
PLUS They're giving away $100 GIFT CARDS with them!!

You know it and I know it...there's an exec at Target HQ, thinking up ways to make me crazy. They're crafty, I'll give 'em that.

I will keep telling myself: "it's just a vacuum"...(but dag-nabbit! It's PINK!!)

In other news, we're off to buy a new pet today. Our fish, Flippy, is gone. Jonathan had a meltdown yesterday and swept Flippy's tank onto the floor. He was unable to be instead of another fish (because truly NO FISH WOULD EVER BE AS COOL AS FLIPPY), we're getting a Hermit Crab.

If you have hermit crab stories to share, we'd love to hear them. Adam wants an iguana (that ain't gonna happen! Have I told you about my irrational baseless fear of all things lizard-like?)

As I type this, I am praying. Silently, asking the Lord to give me the patience I need for my day. Yesterday was HARD.... like lock myself in the bathroom and cry after the kids were finally in bed. Greg being gone does not help. But today is a different day and I have to prepare for whatever that holds.

ON a MUCH BRIGHTER NOTE, school starts tomorrow!! HOOAH!!


Melinda said...

I'm NOT trying to make you spend your money, but I understand your pain. We recently added the purple "animal" Dyson to our household...and, yes, I blogged about it! LOL

Anonymous said...

School ROCKS!! Been doing it for two weeks and would love to vote for year round school. The older two would massively disagree but the younger two would march to the polls with me :).

Scott B. said...

We had a hermit crab for a long time.

1.) Use a 10-gallon fish tank.
2.) Put a lid on it. The lid keeps the tank humid. Humid = happy crab, dry air = sick crab.
3.) Add a few extra shells. They tend to move from shell to shell. They're picky though. They won't move unless they want to.
4.) Get an extra crab for something more to watch. They won't be friends. They won't care for each other. Ignorance at its best. The only time they will talk is if they want each others shell.
5.) Get one of those humidity meters.
6.) If you get a light, make sure it doesn't dry out the tank.
7.) Pink vaccuum cleaners and crabs don't mix. ;-)

SB said...

why do you no longer have the hermit crab? Did he get mean? Bite someone? YOu know they even have ones with PAINTED SHELLS? I can even get a pink one (since I cannot afford the pink vacuum....)


Peggy said...

This ad caught my eye too, I LOVE pink!! Flippy, may you RIP.
I sure hope you had/have a better day! On another note, I am absolutely horrified that school starts tomorrow! :( I will lose my helper for a large portion of the day. YIKES!

Anonymous said...

I think you know you should get your pink vacuum. It's justifiable through a cleaner home and better health (particularly with your asthma problems). I'd advise against the crab, they are boring and die relatively easy.


Scott B. said...

Blech... curse blogger. You need a real blog.

You asked why I no longer have a hermit crab. Well, he died. Every 6 to 12 months, they molt. Extremely painful to them and they should be left alone during it. I'm pretty sure that I disturbed it during the molting process and killed it by accident.

The painted shells and shells you find in the stores should be ok to use. Do not use empty shells you find on the beach.

There are a number of hermit crab forums out there that can help you.

Now... for the blog... Consider switching to WordPress. You can do so much more and when you reply to a reply, your readers can be notified. My host is A Small Orange
Only cost $25 a year plus you can get a domain name for about $8.88 from

Sure, this is free but you'd be surprised as to all you can do.

Now, don't reply to this. I won't see it unless I come back and take a look. ;-)