Monday, September 17, 2007

truth in advertising

Few things piss me off like the OJ thing. Like many others, I believe this man got away with a double-murder. My heart aches for the families that they will never know justice. The fact that he walka free and golfs while their loved one is gne forever sickens me.

And it pleased me to see this book cover. VERY cleverly done, I think.

I would love to see him rot in jail. For anything. Just for being ugly, all the way down to his soul. A guy today at the Starbucks in my beloved Target was DEFENDING him, saying "he might actually be INNOCENT of those murders, you know..."

Yeah.....uh huh.

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Linda said...

I saw the Goldman family on Oprah (well, listened to bits and pieces) and do you realize that they will only get 17 cents per copy from this book? Not that I want to go out and buy it, but it's crazy to think that they don't get SQUAT from it; ten to one OJ would have gotten WAY more....