Tuesday, October 30, 2007

are you READY?

Adam is TOTALLY psyched about Halloween. He is INTO IT this year. So much so that only HE helped carve our two pumpkins (bought at the last minute....they were MUCH cheaper than a week ago...)

He's got 4 different Power Ranger costumes to choose from......(all bought at Thrift Stores)....and he's decided that he wants to be Last Year's Pirate.....

Now, I must show off his magnificent pumpkins. He dug out all of the "pumpkin yuck" himself. Did you notice the sweet manly black apron over his ARMY t-shirt. (We're low one grey ARMY t-shirt today....he thought the folds of his shirt would be a great place to store his gum....not!)

But Halloween......OOOOOOh yeah, we're ready....

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