Tuesday, October 16, 2007

indefensibly stupid

I did something stupid last week...something monumentally, galactically stupid.
After many months of very little asthma effects, I went back to the same house where I encountered the "germ" that got me sick in the first place. I was in this person's house for no more than 90 seconds. I thought I'd be okay...WRONG! It was enough to set me back in a big way.

My day started out today with a massive asthma attack. One where I was HOME ALONE and not able to breathe...Not fun. Aside from the whole not being able to breathe, I missed my LeadShare meeting!! ARGH!

I am high as a kite right now, from too much albuterol and sinus medications......and I have a gig tonight. Luckily, it's a good friend and he knows I am weird so he probably won't even notice...


Count your blessings today. I am SO grateful that I had a home nebulizer. And I am thanking God for the kick in the butt.


Linda said...

Suz - I'm praying that things get better on this front, and now that you absolutely KNOW this is a problem area, you will HOPEFULLY not go there again!

Kristiem10 said...

That had to have been scary. I am glad you have a home nebulizer.