Friday, October 26, 2007

overheard in P'Ville

I dropped kiddos off at school this morning, and overheard some stuff.
Me and my adventurous killer-macho fragile x hearing....
Two 5th grad girls, fussing over their hair.
One is very frustrated, the rain made her hair flop.....
So the other looks right at her and says (and I quote):

"Be real, girlie. You ain't real, you ain't nothin'."

Even as an adult, *I* don't have that confidence! 5th grade is totally different than I recall.
Of course, I was as shy as the day is long. Gotta love that FX carrier shyness...



Anonymous said...

I have never thought about the whole super human hearing of us fraggle folks. But you are sooo right. My husband is constantly telling the kids that he doesn't have superman hearing like I do. Guess he has a point :)

Señor Mr. Don Pérez San said...



Nice Blog.

Keep posting.