Tuesday, October 02, 2007

secret to happiness

I was lying in bed last night before sleep claimed me, thinking.
Thinking about stuff that makes me happy.
One thing that is guaranteed to make me happy is making someone else happy.
I am a pleaser, what can I say??

So today, I made Adam happy.
We found a RARE (impossible to find at thrift stores) GREEN POWER RANGER costume.
It's a bit long but he doesn't care. He had to be convinced and threatened not to strip naked in the store. It was torture.

$6.00 and the key to happiness.
A Green Power Ranger is his key to happiness today.

What's yours?

(In case you're keeping score, my happiness today is dark chocolate almonds from my beloved SuperTarget. Scored a small handful after my LeadShare meeting! HOOAH!!)

Stay tuned in the next few days for a big announcement.
And no, I am not pregnant. (bite your tongue, as my momma would say!)



Kristiem10 said...

Awesome! It is always great to get the perfect thrift store find. Something that made me laugh out loud today was Drew. He asked me for a cookie, then answered himself, "Coming right up, sir!"

the other lion said...

Love the pink and green! Punkin's favorite thing right now is a $5 set of snap beads--you know those links that are for 6 month olds? LOVES them. So silly.