Wednesday, October 24, 2007

wowie zowie

1. I am tired. Like fall asleep while reading at my computer tired.

2. My sinuses are no longer infected!!!

3. Now my kidneys are...... :(

4. I am volunteering all week at Adam's school. It's a lot of fun. I don't understand how he doesn't need a nap when he gets home...I DO!

5. I wish I had one hour to myself today. To go out and take pictures of the glorious Fall colors all around my town. I LOVE FALL.

6. Today was picture day at the kids' school. Adam dressed himself. He looks so handsome (biased, I know....) {see attached picture of aforementioned cuteness} It's a HUGE sacrifice for me to PAY someone else to take pictures of my kids, when I can easily do it for FREE on my own time. But it's a rite of passage.....blah blah blah....$32.00 for tha rite of passage..blah blah blah...

7. I am too tired to think of a #7.........................


Linda said...

He did a great job dressing himself! LOVE the tattoos on the arm... DID do one...I'm too tired to think of a number 7, lol!!!

Anonymous said...

You trained him to dress well :). Very handsome!!